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Your teeth are precious, and we do everything possible to give them the best care. The American Dental Association recommends a minimum of two visits per year to your dentist which provides an opportunity for preventative care and education, early detection and treatment, and assessment of your home care routine.

At 10th Street Dental in Sioux Falls, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and dental check-ups are all scheduled for at least a full hour so we can thoroughly assess each patient’s oral health without being rushed. We will make you as comfortable as possible so that your routine cleaning is relaxing, painless, and gentle.

Our dental check-ups include:

  • Gentle and thorough cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Flossing
  • Complete examination
  • X-rays if needed
  • Advice for caring for your teeth

Having regular dental cleanings every six months for everyone in your family is the most important step in maintaining good oral health. They improve your overall health, and let you smile with pride.

Schedule a dental check-up today with our Sioux Falls teeth cleaning and whitening specialists!

Regular dental care can improve your vitality, self-confidence and appearance with the rewards of healthier teeth, fresher breath and a brighter smile.

We recognize dental care is occasionally uncomfortable or stressful but we’ll do everything possible to make your visit relaxing, convenient and painless with your routine dental care administered as gently as possible. Regular cleanings at the dentist’s office are basic to your dental health!

Dr. Meg and her staff have been amazingly kind, helpful and honest with me. I have had a lifelong fear of the dentist BUT they have helped change that! I have been at ease and no panic attacks before during or after since coming here. Best decision ever.
– Gayle J

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