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Even though the tooth’s enamel (the ‘white part’ that you see) is the hardest tissue found in your body, accidents or biting into something hard can result in damage to a tooth. This includes chipped or broken teeth, broken or missing fillings, loosened crowns or caps, and more.  No matter the cause, the Sioux Falls chipped tooth repair, root canal, and bridge treatment specialists at 10th Street Dental have the skill to restore your healthy, beautiful smile.

We will first assess the damage, then will take the time to discuss the treatment options with you to compare the procedures, the expected results, and the costs. Together we will determine which is best for you before treatment begins.

For dental emergencies we offer same day and walk-in appointments. When you experience a dental emergency and the pain that can accompany it, we are here for you to find relief. We strive to restore your peace of mind by letting you know that everything will be okay. 

As with all our services, we keep you informed of treatment choices, and with a dental emergency we do our best to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Restorative Dental Services

Most chipped or cracked teeth can be repaired using either dental filling or bonding, either in a composite resin that matches the teeth or a silver filling – the extent of damage and its location will determine the type of filling used. Our Sioux Falls chipped tooth repair experts will discuss options with you before the repair begins.

Crowns and Bridges
For more serious damage that cannot be restored with a filling, a crown or ‘cap’ may be used to cover the tooth. The crown will be permanently attached over your tooth for a natural look and to prevent further damage. If the damaged area involves several teeth, a bridge may be the recommended treatment.

Root Canals
When infection causes damage to the root of a tooth, pain is typically the result. When antibiotics are not enough to stop the pain, it may be necessary to perform a root canal to remove the pulp inside the tooth (the part causing the pain). The tooth is then sealed to prevent further damage. Typically, this offers almost immediate relief from pain, and recovery times are usually fast, at most a few days post-procedure.

Restoration of your teeth is just a phone call away! If you’re located in Sioux Falls, chipped tooth repair, root canals, and bridge treatments from 10th Street can be great ways to finally heal your teeth.

Contact the team at 10th Street Dental today, and let’s get started on restoring your smile!

“Went for an after hours appointment. Very professional and helped me out a great deal. Rates for a Saturday visit at 5pm were very affordable. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!”
– Jeff T.

“A few weeks ago I called for an emergency appointment to get a broken tooth extracted. I really liked the family atmosphere and will certainly be making this my regular dentist! Thank you for making this tribulation of life a little easier!”
– Steven M.

“Finally a dentist office that act’s like they genuinely care, came in on an emergency issue and was taken care of like I’d been going there for years, wasn’t bombarded with questions and was taken care of that day.. I highly recommend.”
– Heaven C.

“I drive 5 hours to see Dr.Meg. She has done 2 bridges and 4 crowns over 10 years. When I’m unable to make the 5 hour drive and see the local dentist in Iowa he always compliments the quality of the work.”
I love seeing the new office.
Simply the best.
– Carolyn H.

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