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The professionals at 10th Street Dental can provide all your dental care needs, from routine care to emergency or cosmetic dentistry. Our Sioux Falls family dental clinic provides down home dentistry in a professional environment and work hard to make every visit comfortable and stress free.

We start by not over-booking our schedules to allow plenty of time for each appointment so that we can thoroughly assess the needs of the patient and take time to discuss treatment options. We will provide a variety of options, discuss the procedures, give an overview of the expected outcomes as well as advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, and will make you a part of the decision-making process. We will provide visuals such as x-rays and photos so you can see what is happening in your mouth, and so you can fully understand the treatment we recommend.

Contact our Sioux Falls family dental clinic for affordable dental care options. We offer the following services for you and your family.

After Hours and Weekend Emergencies:
Call 605.332.1500 to Connect with Dr. Meg Freed

Emergency Dentistry

When it comes to dental emergencies, our Sioux Falls family dental clinic staff at 10th Street Dental offers premium care at affordable prices. We have been providing 24×7 emergency care since 2017, even on holidays, and are there for you when dental pain hits outside of normal business hours. We will work quickly to relieve pain and will either fix the damage right away or will schedule an appointment for extensive repairs.

General Dentistry & Routine Dental Care

Regular scheduled dental care can keep your smile looking its best. Let our team of hygienists and dentists maintain your oral health and diagnose issues before they can do damage. We specialize in comfortable, stress-free dental appointments for the entire family that leave your smiles healthy, fresh, and bright. If you need affordable dental care in Sioux Falls, our family dental clinic can help.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When it’s time to improve the look of your teeth, count on us to produce the best result. We are experts at teeth whitening and dental veneers. We can make sure your mouth is healthy, and your smile is as attractive as it can be.

Dental Implants

We consider 3-D technology to be the “Standard of Care” when treatment planning for dental implants. We treat a wide spectrum of dental implant needs ranging from replacing a single tooth to stabilizing dentures, to full mouth reconstruction with crowns or dentures.

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