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Dentures & partials are designed to replace some, or all, of your teeth. They are removable and can restore your ability to talk and eat normally. Dentures will also help return the shape of your face to the way it looked before tooth loss. Visit with a 10th Street Dental dentist to discuss what approach to replacing your teeth will work best for you.

We have a custom denture lab in our facility to make sure your custom denture fits your face and your smile.

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At Bondurant Family Dentistry, we offer a comprehensive selection of restorative dental services. There are many different materials and methods of restorative work related to chipped or cracked teeth, broken fillings, loose caps, and more.

Prior to any restorative dental service, your involvement in consultation and decision-making with our team makes it certain that you’re fully apprised of the treatment you’ll receive.

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